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Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Use Opera Mini

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Experience touch with Opera

Advanced Menus:

You can enter special URLs in Opera Mini. To enter advanced menus, type:
  • config - To open advanced (Power user) settings page
  •  about - To see detailed info about Mini version, build and other details
  •  feed:list -To show all the available feeds saved in Mini
  • server:reset - To delete cookies stored on Opera's server.

Get rid of header and menu bar:

You can get rid of the huge header and menu bars on the top and bottom of the page. Go to Settings, and click on Full Screen.

Improve image quality:

To improve image quality, go to Settings, click on "Image Quality" and choose "High".

Add/change speed dials:

To change or assign speed dials in Opera, click and hold on the dial and then click on "Edit" or "Add".

Save images from web pages:

Long press on the image you want to save and click on "Save Image".

Copy text:

Long press on the screen, and click on "Select Text". After this, tap and drag to highlight the text you want to copy, and click on "Copy" after lifting your finger.

Password Manager:

Opera mini has an inbuilt Password Manager that you can enable and disable from Privacy Settings. Enabling it will speed up your browsing by storing passwords on your phone so you don't have to retype them each time you go to a website.On  the other hand, the downside is that others will have access to your phone and can even access your email or social networking accounts.

Adding bookmarks:

Open the website you want to bookmark and press [#] [5]. Now click on Add Bookmarks. To make a new folder, press [#] [5], followed by [1]. Alternatively, tap on Manage > New Folder. Now highlight your bookmark, press [1] or tap on Manage > Edit. Move the bookmark to the desired folder.

Saving a page:

Go to Setting > Advanced > Set saved page folder > Others > Memory card > Desired folder > Save to set a default destination. While browsing a web page, press [#] [9] and the web page is added in the save page folders.

Render websites for your handset:

Enable Mobile view in Settings to optimise the page rendering for your handset. Some sites might look unfamiliar, but in general you get a faster mobile friendly experience.

RSS/newsfeed reader:

Add the address feed:list as a bookmark or as a Speed Dial, and you'll start receiving feeds right away.

Keypad shortcuts for non-touch phones:

[*] [1-9] - Speed Dial

[*] [up arrow] - new tab

[*] [down arrow] - close a tab

[*] [left or right arrow] - cycle to the left or right tab

[1] - Contxt MEnu

[2] - Scroll Up

[4] - Scroll Left

[5] - Zoom

[6] - Scroll Right

[8] - Scroll Down

[#] [1] - Enter URL

[#] [2] - Search the Web

[#] [3] - Find in Page

[#] [4] - Start Page

[#] [5] - Bookmarks

[#] [6] - History

[#] [8] - Setting

[#] [9] - Saved Pages

[#] [#] - Forward

T9 predictive texting:

Since Opera Mini is a java application, you won't have access to features such as the T9 dictionary of your phone. But can disable Inline Editing in the Advanced sttings to switch back to the phon's text editor. T9 will start working, but you won't be able to type inline anymore.


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